Service Maps and Data

Below are links to maps with 211’s current data related to priority services.

Most Recent Data Sets on GTA Priority Services

We are making the data used on this site available for public good projects. We hope that you will be able use the data to create useful maps and apps. 

We ask is that you:

  • mention 211 Ontario as the data source
  • let us know what you created, maybe we help promote

Please Note:

The data is provided “AS IS” and is subject to the 211 Ontario Terms of Use

Access the Data

We are posting Food Banks, Meal Programs and Food Delivery Programs as a Google Sheet. You are welcome to use this data as a Google Sheet or download. 

Open Food Banks / Open Meal Programs / Open Food Delivery Programs

The last update for this set of data was June 8th. If you want more real-time access to data please contact us.