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Cross-Cultural Community Services Association, The, TCCSA Toronto Centre
Office: 416-977-4026
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302 Spadina Ave, Suite 206
Toronto, ON, M5T 2E7 (1km)
58 Cecil St
Toronto, ON, M5T 1N6 (1km)
91 Bellevue Ave
Toronto, ON, M5T 2N8 (1km)
350 Victoria St
Toronto, ON, M5B 2K3 (1km)
Counselling and Support Services, Downtown Main Office
Office: 416-363-1066
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194 Jarvis St, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M5B 2B7 (1km)
Main Office
Immigration Assistance: 647-233-6036
Settlement and ESL: 416-807-1983
Spiritual Support: 416-682-2510
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Toronto Harbour Light Ministries, 160 Jarvis St, Unit 132
Toronto, ON, M5B 2E1 (1km)
720 Spadina Ave, Suite 218
Toronto, ON, M5S 2T9 (2km)
Youth programs
Office: 416-392-6874
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519 Church St
Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 (2km)
Newcomer Settlement Program
Office: 416-863-0499 ext 2051
Office: 641-250-9238
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192 Carlton St
Toronto, ON, M5A 2K8 (2km)
720 Bathurst St
Ontario, ON, M5S 2R4 (2km)
Community Support and Family Services, General Services
Office: 416-929-9614 ext 3200
Office: 416-929-9614 ext 4275
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270 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON, M5A 2G4 (2km)
789 Yonge St
Toronto, ON, M4W 2G8 (2km)
Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies, Head Office
Office: 416-588-3900
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635 Markham St, 2nd Fl
Toronto, ON, M6G 2M1 (2km)
Corvetti Education Centre, Settlement Services
Office: 416-534-7400
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760 College St, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M6G 1C4 (2km)
Language Assessment and Referral Centre, Toronto Downtown Bloor Street Centre
Assessment Centre Hotline: 416-925-5462
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365 Bloor St E, 1800A
Toronto, ON, M4W 3L4 (2km)
260 Wellesley St E, Suite 102
Toronto, ON, M4X 1G6 (2km)
476 Grace St
Toronto, ON, M6G 3A9 (3km)
Queen Street English Language Program and Building Community Connections
Employment Services: 647-224-1371
English Language Programs and Building Connections: 437-423-2553
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489 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON, M5A 1V1 (3km)
Community Support and Family Services
Office: 416-863-0499
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58 Sumach St
Toronto, ON, M5A 3J7 (3km)