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Distance: 300km
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Newcomer Information Centre, Scarborough Milner Business Court Centre
Office: 416-609-0218 ext 30042
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10 Milner Business Court, Suite 600
Toronto, ON, M1B 3C6
Ontario Bridge Training Program, Scarborough Milner Business Court Centre
Case Manager: 416-277-3847
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10 Milner Business Court, Suite 600
Toronto, ON, M1B 3C6
Armenian Family Support Services
Office: 416-431-5549
Church Office: 416-431-3001
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Holy Trinity Armenian Church, 920 Progress Ave
Toronto, ON, M1G 3T5 (1km)
Settlement Assistance and Family Support Services
Office: 416-431-4847 ext 100
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1200 Markham Rd, Suite 214
Toronto, ON, M1H 3C3 (1km)
Sector-specific Training and Settlement programs - Scarborough office
Office : 416-921-1800
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2100 Ellesmere Rd, Suite 250
Toronto, ON, M1H 3B7 (1km)
Connecting Newcomers with Jobs in Ontario's Supply Chain Workforce
Office: 416-757-7010
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55 Town Centre Court, Suite 401
Toronto, ON, M1P 4X4 (2km)
Vietnamese Association, Toronto, Scarborough Office
Office: 647-207-1790
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11A Glen Watford Dr, Unit 220
Toronto, ON, M1S 2B8 (3km)
Centre for Immigrant and Community Services
Office: 416-292-7510
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2330 Midland Ave
Toronto, ON, M1S 5G5 (3km)
1571 Sandhurst Circle, Unit 414
Toronto, ON, M1V 1V2 (4km)
4002 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 501
Toronto, ON, M1S 4R5 (4km)
1911 Kennedy Rd, Unit 105
Toronto, ON, M1P 2L9 (4km)
Frontline Community Services
Office: 416-840-4425
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3031 Markham Rd, Unit 26-27
Toronto, ON, M1X 1L9 (5km)
4150 Finch Ave E
Toronto, ON, M1S 3T9 (5km)
North American Muslim Foundation
Office: 416-299-1969
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4140 Finch Ave E
Toronto, ON, M1S 3T9 (5km)
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, Scarborough South
Office: 416-261-4901
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3225 Eglinton Ave E, Unit 101/111
Toronto, ON, M1J 2H7 (5km)
Catholic Crosscultural Services, Settlement Integration Place
Office: 416-266-7200
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Markington Square Plaza, 3227 Eglinton Ave E, Unit 135
Toronto, ON, M1J 3M5 (5km)
3850 Finch Ave E, Suite 402
Toronto, ON, M1T 3T6 (5km)
Tesoc Multicultural Settlement and Community Services
Office: 416-757-6043
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1160 Birchmount Rd, Unit 1A
Toronto, ON, M1P 2B8 (7km)
Heritage Skills Development Centre
Office: 416-345-1613
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2387 Eglinton Avenue East, Unit 3
Toronto, ON, M1K 2M5 (7km)
Réseau des Chercheures Africaines
Office: 416-750-8899
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2401 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 305
Toronto, ON, M1K 2M5 (7km)