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Distance: 100km
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Newcomer Community Integration Program (NCIP)
Office: 416-405-5254
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41 Chauncey Ave
Toronto, ON, M8Z 2Z2 (2km)
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, Etobicoke Central
Office: 416-233-0055
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3363 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON, M8X 1G2 (3km)
Arab Community Centre of Toronto, Etobicoke Head Office
Office: 416-231-7746 ext 221
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295 The West Mall, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M9C 4Z4 (4km)
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, Toronto South West
Office: 416-533-9471
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27 Roncesvalles Ave, Suite 407
Toronto, ON, M6R 3B2 (6km)
761 Jane St, 2nd Fl
Toronto, ON, M6N 4B4 (6km)
The Crossways Mall, 2340 Dundas St W, Suite 301
Toronto, ON, M6P 4A9 (6km)
128A Sterling Rd, Suite 202
Toronto, ON, M6R 2B7 (7km)
128A Sterling Rd, Suite 202
Toronto, ON, M6R 2B7 (7km)
Job Search Workshops and Enhanced Language Training
Employment: 905-206-0755 ext 221
English Classes: 905-629-1873
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3415 Dixie Rd, Suite 402
Mississauga, ON, L4Y 2B1 (7km)
Kababayan Multicultural Centre - Toronto
Office: 416-532-3888
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1313 Queen St W, Suite 133
Toronto, ON, M6K 1L8 (7km)
Parkdale Intercultural Association, Secondary Location
Office: 416-536-1783
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1365 Queen St W
Toronto, ON, M6K 1M1 (7km)
Parkdale Intercultural Association, Main Location
Office: 416-536-4420
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1257 Queen St W
Toronto, ON, M6K 1L5 (7km)
Newcomer Services and Programs
Office: 416-392-0335 ext 227 or 246
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707 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON, M5T 2W6 (7km)
600 Lakeshore Road E, Units 2-6
Mississauga, ON, L5G 1J4 (7km)
1756 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON, M6N 1J3 (7km)
800 Lansdowne Ave, Unit 1
Toronto, ON, M6H 4K3 (7km)
Vietnamese Association, Toronto, Dundas Street West Office
Office: 416-536-3611
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1364 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON, M6J 1Y2 (8km)
Settlement Services, Youth and Seniors Services, Emmett Avenue Site
Office: 416-572-0086
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55 Emmett Ave
Toronto, ON, M6M 2E4 (8km)
Youth Settlement Services
Office: 416-653-3311
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1652 Keele St, Suite 108
Toronto, ON, M6M 3W3 (8km)
Immigrant and Refugee Services Program
Office: 416-532-7586 ext 124
Office 2: 416-532-7586 ext 404
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248 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON, M6J 3A2 (8km)