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COVID-19 Vaccination Information/Management - York Region

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Pharmacy Pilot 

Some pharmacies in York Region offer Moderna to those 18 and older or Pfizer to those 12 and older. The client must have a health card or other government issued identification.

To find a pharmacy, click vaccine locations Those 12-17 should book only with a location that offers Pfizer. 

Appointments for Mass Vaccination Clinics

Those 12 and older living, working or attending school in York Region can book appointments online at mass vaccination clinics by clicking link on desired location at book vaccination appointment 

People must be 18 and older at time of vaccination to receive Moderna. 12-17 year olds may only receive Pfizer (and must be at least 12 at time of vaccination). 

Those 13 and under must have parent/guardian accompany them to give consent or must bring signed consent form to appointment

Walk-In Vaccination: Available to those 12 and older living or working in York Region at most mass vaccination clinics for first or second doses. For more information, click and scroll down to Walk In Clinics - First or Second Dose?

Waitlist: there is an end of day waitlist for York Region Mass Vaccination Clinics
  • those 12-69 must register each day; those 70 and older only need to register for the waitlist once
  • those on waitlist must be available 6 pm-9 pm that day and able to visit clinic within 15 minutes of being called - they may be called earlier in day to fill no-show appointments
  • to enroll, visit , select COVID-19 Vaccination Waitlist in drop-down menu; then click button to access COVID-19 Vaccination Waitlist

For more information call Access York at 1-877-464-9675 or phone number listed with each location. 

Shortened Second Dose Intervals

Those 12 and older who live, work or attend school in York Region who received a first dose of Pfizer or Moderna can book second dose appointments at a shortened interval - the second dose must be at least 28 days after the first dose.

Those who received AstraZeneca for a first dose, can receive AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna for a second dose 8 weeks after first dose. They can contact location at which they received first dose to schedule second dose or another pharmacy, click vaccine locations 

Those who had AstraZeneca as a first dose and want Pfizer or Moderna as a second dose (after 8 week interval) may also book at a mass immunization clinic, using the book vaccination appointment link above. 

For more information, click shortened second dose interval

Cancelling Appointments with York Region Mass Vaccination Clinics
  • online - appointments can be cancelled online. If earlier second dose appointment made, original appointment cancelled automatically after earlier appointment is kept
  • phone - call Access York at 1-877-464-9675 - appointments must be cancelled by phone if less than 24 hours until appointment.

Cancelling Appointments at a Pharmacy or Hospital Clinic

Each pharmacy and hospital has its own system
  • online - most sites have cancellation information on their website. If confirmation email or text was sent on appointment booking, instructions on cancellation often contained there.
  • phone - if there is a dedicated phone line for appointments/cancellation, it may be on clinic's website or in confirmation texts/emails. If that is not available, call number at which appointment was booked.
Documenting Vaccination Received Outside of Ontario

York Region residents can document COVID vaccination received outside of Ontario with the Public Health Unit of York Region by filling out online form listed under Individuals who Received First Dose Outside Ontario or Canada at
Open to all, but different groups will be immunized during different phases of vaccine roll-out
Application Process
Application varies by location and population group
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